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Welcome to the new attempt to improve

Although mainly a digital dumping ground of one history teacher's work stuff, it is hoped that these materials can assist other teachers and students.


The obligatory edu-blog includes updates on the "project" of Moodle/ELGG integration at a public high school in addition to rants, raves and commentary on the manner in which information and communication tools are changing the world and education.

A collection of video tutorials showing how to use FirstClass, Moodle, and other educational technology tools.

More links than you can shake a cursor at.

Professional Development
Materials and video from various Profesional Development presentations and workshops

Photo and video albums for aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins


Chatham High School
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The sponsors of this web page make no representation as to the veracity of the pages and materials linked to this site and are not in any way responsible for their content. Although it is believed that the links offered herein contain accurate information, readers are strongly urged  to act as responsible historians and verify all information. After responsible research, it is believed that all of the materials presented herein are in the public domain.  If this is not the case,  please contact Mr. Maher immediately.




AP European History Internet Resource Archive

This collection of internet bookmarks was collected during ten years of teaching AP European History. Use the unit links to find categorized links for each. Although care is taken to update the archive, there may be some broken links. Please let me know about any missing information or send me other links that belong here.

ap euro


US History I Internet Resource Archive

still under construction

US History II Internet Resource Archive

Originally created for students of AP US History, this collection of internet bookmarks is organized by units starting with the settlement of the West following the Civil War through the Ronald Reagan's morning in America. Same warning and polite request applies, look out for broken links and please send additional resources.




Teaching and Learning Technology Toolbox

For both teachers and students, this collection of resources covers everything from lifehacking productivity tips to writing and presenting advice. If you need a calendar widget for your web site, a graphic organizer tool or opensource video editor - this is the place to find it!


Technology in Education - SixTools/Five Rules
February, 2008

Knowing that many of the teachers at Chatham High School already take advantage of educational technology and want to find other ways to capitalize on information and communiation tools, this presentation focused on six tools they could use immediately and five basic training rules that apply to every program.


Teaching and Learning in an Age of Communication and Information
January, 2008

Hoping to present the role of technology in education now and in the future to the community, the Chatham Education Foundation sponsored a Technology in Education Symposium in which my job was to explain why technology is changing education.


Technology Infrastructure at Chatham High School
January, 2008

This description of the use of technology at Chatham High School was also part of the Technology in Education Symposium.


Essential Learnings
September 2006 through January 2007

Promoting reconfiguration of essential learnings that reflect humans' changing relationship with information presented to High School and four Elementary school faculties, the Board of Education and Parent-Teacher Organizations. Using the massive change brought by the printing press as a guage to measure the change to be brought by information technology, this presentation made the case for a re-evaluation of essential learning goals.



Integration of Technology in High School History
May 2006

Although this presentation is somewhat dated, it  provides an overview of the different ways in which technology can be integrated with a history school history course.  

F2F/Online Education Presentation
April 2006

This is the handout and PowerPoint for a presentation for the graduate Principles and Practices of Curriculum Development and Supervision graduate course at Caldwell College.  It was designed to provide a context for thinking about the integration of technology in education and introduce a program whereby a school district could digitize all of its curriculum materials.  These would be the first steps to enabling a public school to enhance student learning by combining the best qualities of face-to-face and online education.


Powerpoint Presentation


The 24-7 High School - Open Campus in the 21st Century
January 2005

This presentation to the Iron Hills Conference Principals meeting in January, 2005 described the use of FirstClass to create a "paperless school".  It also includes examples of how FirstClass can be used to assign, collect, grade and return homework.

FirstClass is an e-mail/information management system.  All students have an e-mail account and each class has common mailboxes through which they can access materials (notes, assignments, etc) and submit homework.

Teaching in FirstClass
September 2004

The use of FirstClass as an instructional tool was introduced to teachers at a district in-service day in September, 2004.  A compliment to the workshop in the form of a web site with step-by-step illustrated instructions allowed assisted teachers as they returned to their classrooms.  


Steven Maher

Steve Maher


Caldwell College
Post-Master's Supervisor's Certificate Program 5/06
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
National Certification, Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Social Studies-History 11/00
Teachers College - Columbia University, New York, NY
Master of Arts, Teaching of Social Studies, 10/93
Rutgers University Newark, NJ
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 5/88
Middlesex County College Edison, NJ
Associate of Science, Criminal Justice, 5/86


2002-present Chatham High School Chatham, NJ
Social Studies Department Supervisor (9/06-present)
AP European History
AP US History II
US History I
US History - Honors
World Studies

1996-2002 Orange High School Hillsborough, NC
Advanced Placement United States History
Advanced Placement European History
Fast Forward United States History (dual enrollment course offered through University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
Civil Liberties and the Constitution (on-line course taught through the Concord Consortium's Virtual High School)

2000-2005 Web Academy Fayetteville, NC (Internet Based Alternative High School)
Advanced Placement European History
World Geography


Outstanding Teacher of the Year - Student "Bell" Award 2005
Orange High School Teacher of the Year 2001


Technology in Education - SixTools/Five Rules - 2008
Teacher In-Service presentation of six tools teachers could use immediately and five basic training rules that apply to every program.

Teaching and Learning in an Age of Communication and Information - 2008
Explaing the role of technology in education now and in the future as part of the Chatham Education Foundation's Technology in Education Symposium

Essential Learnings - 2006
Promoting reconfiguration of essential learnings that reflect humans' changing relationship with information presented to High School and Elementary school faculties, the Board of Education and Parent-Teacher Organizations

The 24-7 High School - Open Campus in the 21st Century - 2005
Demonstrating the use of FirstClass to create a "paperless" school to the Iron Hills Principals Conference

Teaching in FirstClass - 2004
Faculty workshop on email/conferenceing software's integration to the high school classroom

Technology Applications in Social Studies - 2003
Staff workshop introducing practical applications of technology to social studies education

Technology Training On Using The Internet - 2000
Workshop at North Carolina Council for Social Studies Annual State Conference

Windows 95 and Basic Computing Workshop - 1997
Workshop of basic computer skills for teachers, Orange High School


Technology Committee Chairperson Chatham High School 2006-present
Coordinate activities of technology committee

Webmaster Chatham High School – 2004-present
Design, maintain and expand coverage of High School Web Site

James Madison Seminar on Teaching American History 2007, 2008
Participated in two-week professional development seminar at Princeton University

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - 2006, 2007
Assessor scoring performances of candidates pursuing National Board Certification

New Jersey Teacher Academy - August 12-14,2005
Participated in three-day conference hosted by Education Testing Service focusing on aligning New Jersey’s curriculum standards with instruction and assessment; interpreting and using test scores; and developing teachers as leaders in their schools

Technology Committee School District of the Chathams – Technology Plan - 2004, 2007
drafted district-wide technology plan with teachers, administrators, and parents

Concord Consortium – Teachers Learning Conference 2000-2001
275 hour, graduate-level, professional development training for on-line instruction

SAS Inschool Summer Curriculum Initiative July 2001
Developed internet-based social studies lesson plans for web-based curriculum product

Disney Learning Partnership June 2001
Reviewed applications for Disney's American Teacher Awards


Senior Legal Assistant
Quality Control Specialist
Customer Service Representative